QueuePushingModeEnum enumeration constants are used to specify the way of pushing a page to Batch Processor for rerecognition.

typedef enum {
} QueuePushingModeEnum;


Name Description
QPM_Begin Push the page at the beginning of the processing queue. In this case, the processed page will be returned with the next call of the IBatchProcessor::GetNextProcessedPage method. If the page is passed at the beginning of the queue, other processed pages will not be returned to the user until this page is processed.

Push the page at the end of the current queue of the Batch Processor. In this case, the page is returned when all other pages from the current queue are processed and returned to the user.

Note that the current queue of Batch Processor contains only the images that have already been put in the queue using the IImageSource::GetNextImageFile method, and the image source can contain other images, which have not been put in the queue yet. Therefore the fact that the page is pushed at the end of the current queue does not mean that the image will be returned after all images from the image source have been processed.

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