PDFPicture Object (IPDFPicture Interface)

This object represents a picture added to a PDF file. It provides access to the original image that can be modified using methods of the ImageDocument object (see also Image Preprocessing). It also exposes methods that allow you to manage the picture position or even remove it from the page.

Important! When exporting to PDF, ABBYY FineReader Engine does not preserve the picture transparency.


Name Type Description
Application Engine, read-only Returns the Engine object.
Image ImageDocument, read-only Provides access to the image document containing at least one picture.


Name Description
GetLocation Returns a picture position on a page.
RemoveFromPage Removes a picture position from a page.
SetLocation Specifies a picture position on a page.

Related objects

Object Diagram

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the Item, AddNew methods of the PDFPictures object.

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Working with Properties

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