PDFMRCModeEnum enumeration constants are used to define the mode of using MRC during export to PDF (PDF/A).

The MRC imaging model represents a document as three different layers: a foreground plane which contains pictures, a mask plane which contains the text and its coloring, and a background plane which contains background pictures or texture. Each layer is compressed separately using the best type of compression for that data type. The MRC technology for PDF (PDF/A) allows you to achieve significantly better file compression without visible degradation of document representation.

typedef enum {
} PDFMRCModeEnum;


Name Description
MRC_Always Always use MRC.
MRC_Auto Mixed Raster Content parameters will be used, if it is necessary. ABBYY FineReader Engine will automatically determine if MRC should be used, depending on the IPDFExportParameter::Scenario parameter, other export parameters and parameters of the input image.
MRC_Disable Do not use MRC. MRC technology uses lossy compression algorithm, so that some unimportant information from the source image (background texture, scanning garbage, etc.) can be lost. Use this constant if even insignificant information from the source image cannot be lost.

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