PDFKeyLengthEnum enumeration constants are used to set the encryption key length when the exported PDF file is encrypted with the RC4 algorithm.

Note: All values except PDFKL_40Bit require PDF version 1.4 or greater (see IPDFExportFeatures::PDFVersion).

typedef enum {
 PDFKL_40Bit = 5,
 PDFKL_48Bit = 6,
 PDFKL_56Bit = 7,
 PDFKL_64Bit = 8,
 PDFKL_72Bit = 9,
 PDFKL_80Bit = 10,
 PDFKL_88Bit = 11,
 PDFKL_96Bit = 12,
 PDFKL_104Bit = 13,
 PDFKL_112Bit = 14,
 PDFKL_120Bit = 15,
 PDFKL_128Bit = 16
} PDFKeyLengthEnum;


Name Description
PDFKL_40Bit The key length is 40 bits.
PDFKL_48Bit The key length is 48 bits.
PDFKL_56Bit The key length is 56 bits.
PDFKL_64Bit The key length is 64 bits.
PDFKL_72Bit The key length is 72 bits.
PDFKL_80Bit The key length is 80 bits.
PDFKL_88Bit The key length is 88 bits.
PDFKL_96Bit The key length is 96 bits.
PDFKL_104Bit The key length is 104 bits.
PDFKL_112Bit The key length is 112 bits.
PDFKL_120Bit The key length is 120 bits.
PDFKL_128Bit The key length is 128 bits.

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