ParagraphStyle Object (IParagraphStyle Interface)

This object exposes properties of the paragraph style.

Important! If you wish to work with the style of a single paragraph, you must first call any of the functions that perform synthesis (e.g., the Process or Synthesize method of the FRDocument object), as these properties become meaningful only after synthesis.


Name Type Description
Application Engine, read-only Returns the Engine object.
BaseFont FontStyle, read-only Stores the base font style of this style paragraphs.
HeadingLevel int, read-only Specifies the level of the heading. The property only makes sense if the value of the ParagraphRole property is PR_Heading or PR_HeadingNumber.
Name BSTR, read-only Returns the name of the paragraph style. ABBYY FineReader Engine generates the name of the style of a recognized paragraph using the ParagraphRole and HeadingLevel properties.
ParagraphRole ParagraphRoleEnum, read-only Returns the role which paragraphs of this style have in the logical structure of a document.

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