GetCharParams Method of the Paragraph Object

This method provides access to parameters of a single character. A character is indexed with its position inside the text of paragraph. This index must be in the range from zero to the length of paragraph. The length of paragraph may be obtained from the IParagraph::Length property. When the length of paragraph is passed into this method, this property refers to the parameters that would have received a character if it was inserted at the end of paragraph.

Note: If you need to access coordinates and recognition confidence for all the characters in a large document, consider also using the GetCharacterData method of the PlainText object, which allows you to receive the data on all characters at once and iterate through it on your side. Iterating through all text blocks will take up significantly more time, especially if your application is working via DCOM.



HRESULT GetCharParams(
   int          Position,
   ICharParams* Result


void GetCharParams(
   int        Position,
   ICharParams Result

Visual Basic .NET

Sub GetCharParams( _
  Position As Integer, _
  Result As ICharParams _


[in] This variable contains the index of the character inside the paragraph.
[in] This variable refers to a CharParams object which receives values corresponding to parameters of the character. A valid object should be passed as this parameter.

Return values

This function has no specific return values. It returns the standard return values of ABBYY FineReader Engine functions.

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