OfficeConversionSettings Object (IOfficeConversionSettings Interface)

This object contains the settings used to import digital documents of various formats using the same methods which open the input images.

Opening all input files through a unified procedure will be useful in cases where you do not know beforehand the format of incoming documents, but all of them need to be processed in the same way (for example, added to your organization's document management system).

When an input file in one of the supported formats is encountered, the program will start an external application to convert it and load the contents. Which application will be used depends on the OfficeConverters property: it contains the list of converters to be used in the order of priority.For example, if the list contains the OCT_MsOffice and OCT_AbbyyOffice constants, in that order, the program will start Microsoft Office; if it is not installed on the workstation, the file will be converted by means of internal ABBYY mechanisms.

Important! You may import digital documents only if your license supports the Office Formats Opening module.


Name Type Description
Application Engine, read-only Returns the Engine object.
MsOfficePassword BSTR

The password for the custom user of Microsoft Office.

The property is ignored if UseMsOfficeCustomUser is FALSE.

MsOfficeUserName BSTR

The name of the custom user of Microsoft Office.

The property is ignored if UseMsOfficeCustomUser is FALSE.

OfficeConverters OfficeConverters, read-only

A collection of the types of applications which may be used to convert the incoming documents, in order of priority.

By default, the collection contains the three converters described by the OfficeConverterTypeEnum constants, in the following order: OCT_MsOffice, OCT_LibreOffice, OCT_AbbyyOffice.

UseMsOfficeCustomUser VARIANT_BOOL

Specifies if Microsoft Office applications should be run under non-default user name. The MsOfficeUserName and MsOfficePassword properties should be set to this user's name and password, if you set this property to TRUE.

This property is FALSE by default.

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