ExportToFileEx Method of the MrzData Object

This method exports the extracted data to a file in JSON/XML format with the user-defined parameters.



HRESULT ExportToFileEx(
  BSTR                 FileName,
  MrzExportFormatEnum  Format,
  IUnknown*            ExportParams


void ExportToFileEx(
  string               FileName,
  MrzExportFormatEnum  Format,
  object               ExportParams

Visual Basic .NET

Sub ExportToFileEx( _
  FileName As String, _
  Format As MrzExportFormatEnum, _
  ExportParams As Object _


[in] This variable contains the full path to the output file in XML/JSON format (see the description of formats in XML Schema for MRZ and JSON file for MRZ). If this file already exists, it is overwritten without prompt.
[in] This variable specifies the format of the output file. See the MrzExportFormatEnum description for the supported file formats.
[in] This variable may refer to a MrzJsonExportParams or MrzXmlExportParams object that defines parameters for saving the data captured from MRZ to JSON or XML format, respectively. This parameter is optional and may be 0, in which case the parameters of export have default values, or, if a profile has been loaded, the parameters set by this profile are used.

Return values

This method has no specific return values. It returns the standard return values of ABBYY FineReader Engine functions.

See also


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