Model Object (IModel Interface)

This object represents a trained model which can be used for classifying documents.


Name Type Description
CategoryLabels StringsCollection, read-only The list of categories into which the documents will be classified using this model.
ClassifierType ClassifierTypeEnum, read-only The type of classifier the model is using. The type depends on the document features that the classifier considers when assigning a category.
Languages StringsCollection, read-only

The languages for which the model was trained. This collection is empty if ClassifierType is CT_Image.

See Predefined Languages in ABBYY FineReader Engine for the list of the internal language names.


Name Description
Classify Uses the model to classify a given classification object.
SaveToFile Saves the model into a file on disk.

Related objects

Object Diagram

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the CreateModelFromFile method of the ClassificationEngine object.


This object is used in the Classification demo tool.

See also

Document Classification

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