ListParams Object (IListParams Interface)

This object provides access to the parameters of the list to which a paragraph belongs. This object is a subobject of the Paragraph object.


Name Type Description
Application Engine, read-only Returns the Engine object.
List List, read-only Stores the List object which corresponds to the list to which the paragraph belongs. If the paragraph is not in the list, the property returns NULL.
ListLevel int

Specifies the level of the paragraph in the list. The value of the property must be in range from 0 to 8.

Note: If the paragraph is not in the list, the returned value of ListLevel will be -1.

OrdinalNumber int, read-only Specifies the paragraph's number in the list.


Name Description

Adds the paragraph to the list.

Important! Make sure that the List property is defined. Calling this method when the List property is NULL will result in an error.

RemoveFromList Removes the paragraph from the list.

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