LanguageCategoryEnum enumeration constants are used to describe the category of a predefined ABBYY FineReader Engine language.

typedef enum {
} LanguageCategoryEnum;


Name Description
LC_AdditionalLanguage A natural language which does not have dictionary support. Examples are Afrikaans or Albanian.
LC_ConstructedLanguage An artificial language such as Esperanto or Interlingua.
LC_CoreLanguage A natural language with full dictionary support, such as English or Russian.
LC_DataType A language which is designed for recognition of special language units, e.g., addresses, date and time, human names. The full list of such languages you can find in Special Predefined Languages in ABBYY FineReader Engine.
LC_FormalLanguage Programming language or other formal language. For example, Basic and C/C++ languages belong to this category.

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