Language-Related Objects

A recognition language for text is represented by the TextLanguage object. During the recognition the text is separated into words, and one or several recognition languages correspond to each word. One recognition language is assigned to each character in a word. This recognition language is represented by the BaseLanguage objects. Besides, this group of objects includes a collection of predefined languages — the recognition languages that ABBYY FineReader Engine supports by default. These are represented by the PredefinedLanguages object. A single predefined language is represented by the PredefinedLanguage object, and gives access to the corresponding TextLanguage object.

This section contains descriptions of the following language-related objects:

You can find additional information in the Working with Languages and Working with Dictionaries sections.

The language-related objects hierarchy

For more information about the hierarchy of the ABBYY FineReader Engine objects, please see the Object Diagram.

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