Item Method

This method provides access to a single element of a FineReader Engine collection. Each FineReader Engine collection uses this method.



  int              Index,
  I<ElementType>** Result


I<ElementType> Item( int Index );

Visual Basic .NET

Function Item(Index As Integer) As I<ElementType>


[in] This variable contains the index of the element that is accessed via this method. It must be in the range from 0 to the Number of elements - 1, where the number of elements may be received from the Count property of the same collection.
[out, retval] A variable of type I<ElementType>* that receives a pointer to the interface of the collection element. ElementType is the type of the objects forming the collection.

Return values

This method has no specific return values. It returns the standard return values of ABBYY FineReader Engine functions.


The table below describes the collections which provide this method and the types of elements in the collections:

Collection type Element type
AuthorsList AuthorInfo
BarcodeText BarcodeSymbol
BaseLanguages BaseLanguage
BusinessCards BusinessCard
Categories Category
Changes Change
CharacterRecognitionVariants CharacterRecognitionVariant
CheckmarkGroup CheckmarkBlock
ClassificationObjects ClassificationObject
ClassificationResults ClassificationResult
DetectedLanguages DetectedLanguage
DictionaryDescriptions DictionaryDescription
DocumentInformationDictionary DocumentInformationDictionaryItem
FRPages FRPage
FuzzyStrings FuzzyString
IntsCollection int
LayoutBlocks Block
Licenses License
List ListLevel
OfficeConverters OfficeConverterTypeEnum
ParagraphLines ParagraphLine
Paragraphs Paragraph
PDFPictures PDFPicture
PredefinedLanguages PredefinedLanguage
RegionsCollection Region
ScanSources ScanSource
SeparatorGroup SeparatorBlock
SpellReplacementCollection SpellReplacement
SpellWordCollection SpellWord
SplitRegions SplitRegion
StringsCollection BSTR
TableCells TableCell
TableSeparators TableSeparator
TabPositions TabPosition
TrainingImagesCollection TrainingImage
TrainingResults TrainingResult
WordRecognitionVariants WordRecognitionVariant
Words Word

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