IProcessingEvents Interface

This is a callback interface that is used by the InjectTextLayer method of the Engine object to report events during processing. This interface is implemented on the client-side.

An object receiving notifications through this interface's methods may do the following inside the methods' implementation:

  • Process any Windows messages, which is useful in applications having User Interface, to avoid the effect that the application "is not responding" during long operations.
  • Report percentage of document analysis, recognition, and export.
  • Report recognizer tips and warnings to the user.
  • Report information about completion of the operation.


Name Description
OnPageProcessed Delivers to the client information about page processing completed.
OnProgress Delivers to the client information about approximate percentage of operation completed.
OnWarning Delivers to the client tips and warnings which occurred during processing.

Input parameter

The InjectTextLayer method of the Engine object receives a pointer to this interface as an input parameter.

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