ImageTypeEnum enumeration constants are used to convert coordinates between different image planes and modification states of the ImageDocument object, which represents an open image. The open image contains one image plane for each color type (black-and-white, gray, or color), and can also contain a preview image plane. The image can be subjected to modifications during opening and preprocessing, and the constants of this enumeration refer to original image without any modifications and to the image with all the modifications up to the moment when the CoordinatesConverter object was saved.

typedef enum {
} ImageTypeEnum;


Name Description
IT_Base The original image.
IT_Modified A modified image. This image plane corresponds to the modification state of the image at the moment when the CoordinatesConverter object was saved.

Preview image.

Note: An open image contains this image plane, only if IPrepareImageMode::CreatePreview property was set to TRUE during image preparation.

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