TransformationMade Method of the IImageDocumentEvents Interface

This method is implemented on the client-side. It is called by ABBYY FineReader Engine when some transformation was made upon image either explicitly by call of the IImageDocument::Transform method, or internally by ABBYY FineReader Engine. The latter situation may occur when an image with wrong orientation is analyzed and the IPagePreprocessingParams::CorrectOrientation property is TRUE. Implementation of this method may reload the image to show the changes to the user, as it is done in ABBYY FineReader. Reloading of the image is necessary, if, say, the client application receives events from the FRDocument object, and fills out recognized parts of the image with color.



HRESULT TransformationMade(
  RotationTypeEnum Rotation,
  VARIANT_BOOL     WasMirrored,
  VARIANT_BOOL     WasInverted


void TransformationMade(
  RotationTypeEnum Rotation,
  bool             WasMirrored,
  bool             WasInverted

Visual Basic .NET

Sub TransformationMade( _
  Rotation As RotationTypeEnum, _
  WasMirrored As Boolean, _
  WasInverted As Boolean _


[in] This variable of type RotationTypeEnum specifies what kind of rotation was performed upon the image.
[in] This Boolean variable specifies if the image was inverted.
[in]  This Boolean variable specifies whether image colors were inverted.

Return values

The return value of this method is ignored.


  • The client implementation of this method must assure that all exceptions thrown inside the method are caught and handled and no exceptions are propagated outside the method. Propagation of an exception outside the method may lead to unpredictable results (such as program termination).
  • If the image was transformed, its pixel dimensions may change.

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