IFRPagesEvents Interface

This is a callback interface that is used for reporting events from the FRPages object to the listeners. This interface is implemented on the client-side. See the detailed implementation advice for your development tool in Working with Connectable Objects. Below you can find a short summary.

In C++ you need to implement the IFRPagesEvents interface, obtain a connection point, and "advise" object implementing the interface to the FRPages object. As the interface is derived from the IUnknown interface, the client object should also implement the IUnknown methods.

Visual Basic users that want to receive notifications from the FRPages object should declare it WithEvents and implement the procedures similar to the following:

Public WithEvents pages As FREngine.FRPages
Private Sub pages_PageRemoved(ByVal sender As FRPages, _
                              ByVal page As FRPage, _
                              ByVal index  As Integer)
End Sub

An object receiving notifications through this interface's methods may do the following inside the methods' implementation:

  • Process any Windows messages, which is useful in applications having User Interface, to avoid the effect that the application "is not responding" during long operations.
  • Report information about page removing and adding completed.
  • Report information about pages renumbering completed.


Name Description
PageAdded Delivers to the client information about page adding completed.
PageRemoved Delivers to the client information about page removing completed.
PagesRenumbered Delivers to the client information about pages renumbering completed.

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