IEngineLoader Interface

This interface is used specifically to load and unload the Engine object. This interface expands the use of ABBYY FineReader Engine in multi-threaded applications. The methods of this interface are an alternative to the existing InitializeEngine and DeinitializeEngine functions. For more information, please refer to the Different Ways to Load the Engine Object section.

This interface is available in the InprocLoader and OutprocLoader objects, which allow you to load FineReader Engine by means of COM either as an in-process server into the current process or as an out-of-process server into a separate process.


Name Type Description
NullObject IUnknown*, read-only This property returns a reference to null object. This can be useful in scripting languages, in which null is not an object, when there is a need to pass null into a method requiring an object to ensure default behavior.


Name Description
InitializeEngine Loads an instance of ABBYY FineReader Engine and allows you to set additional parameters during initialization.
ExplicitlyUnload Unloads ABBYY FineReader Engine.

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