FuzzyString Object (IFuzzyString Interface)

This object represents a fuzzy string. A fuzzy string contains recognition variants for each character of a word. One or several fuzzy strings correspond to each recognized word. For example, the following fuzzy strings can correspond to the "hello" word:

Word Position

Fuzzy Strings

(each cell is a value of the CharacterVariants property)

h 1 hn         h h h
e 2 ec       e e e
l 3 li         | I 1
l 4 li     | b 1
o 5 oc oO 0

Length of fuzzy string

(the value of the Length property):

5 5 4 5

All fuzzy strings which correspond to one word are grouped into a collection (the FuzzyStrings object).


Name Type Description
CharacterVariants BSTR, read-only Stores the recognition variants of a character in the specified position in the word.
Length int, read-only Stores the length of the fuzzy string.

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the Item method and Element property of the FuzzyStrings object.

Input parameter

This object is the input parameter of the CheckPrefix method of the IExternalDictionary interface.

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