FRPages Object (IFRPages Interface)

This object is a collection of document pages. The collection is accessible via the FRDocument object.

This collection differs from other collections of child objects. It does not have AddNew method, instead you can use the AddPage method of the parent FRDocument object. It also does not have DeleteAll method and has additional IndexOf, Remove and Swap methods. See Working with Collections for details.


  • The indexing of ABBYY FineReader Engine collections starts with 0.
  • The foreach statement in C# (for each in Visual Basic .NET) can be used to manipulate the collection.

The FRPages object is a so-called "connectable object." It may be declared WithEvents in Visual Basic. For a C++ user, this means that it supports the IConnectionPointContainer interface. To receive notification events during processing, a C++ user should create an object derived from the IFRPagesEvents interface, then set up the connection between it and the events source implemented in the FRPages object by standard COM means.

The methods of the FRPages object report information about page processing progress through special outgoing interfaces. These interfaces are IFRPagesEvents (for C++) and the dispinterface DIFRPagesEvents (for Visual Basic). It should be noted that Visual Basic users should not care for details of implementing event interfaces, as this development platform provides easy means for handling them.


Name Type Description
Application Engine, read-only Returns the Engine object.
Count int, read-only Stores the number of elements in the collection.
Element FRPage, read-only Provides access to one page of the collection.


Name Description
DeleteAt Removes an element from the collection.
IndexOf Returns the index of a page in the collection.
Item Provides access to a single element of the collection.
Renumber Renumbers the pages in the collection.
Swap Swaps two pages with the specified indices.

Related objects

Object Diagram

Input parameter

This object is passed as an input parameter to the AddPages method of the ExportFileWriter object.


The object is used in the following code samples: CustomLanguage, RecognizedTextProcessing; and demo tools: BatchProcessingRecognition, Camera OCR, Engine Predefined Processing Profiles, Image Preprocessing.

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