SplitPages Method of the FRDocument Object

This method splits each of the specified pages of the document into several pages. This method is useful if the page is a double-page spread of a book, or the page contains images of several business cards. The method provides information on how the pages have been split.

Note: The page splitting operation cannot be performed in parallel processes.



HRESULT SplitPages(
  IIntsCollection*          PageIndices,
  IPageSplittingParams*     PageSplittingParams,
  IObjectsExtractionParams* ExtractionParams,
  ISplitRegions**           SplitRegions


ISplitRegions SplitPages(
  IIntsCollection          PageIndices,
  IPageSplittingParams     PageSplittingParams,
  IObjectsExtractionParams ExtractionParams

Visual Basic .NET

Function SplitPages( _
  PageIndices As IIntsCollection, _
  PageSplittingParams As IPageSplittingParams, _
  ExtractionParams As IObjectsExtractionParams _
) As ISplitRegions


[in] Refers to the IntsCollection object that contains the indices of pages to be split.
[in] Refers to the PageSplittingParams object that contains parameters which specify how the pages should be split. You must specify the type of page split in these parameters explicitly.
[in] Refers to the ObjectsExtractionParams object that stores parameters of objects extraction. This parameter may be 0. In this case, the objects are extracted with default parameters, or, if a profile has been loaded, the parameters set by this profile are used.
[out, retval] A pointer to the ISplitRegions* pointer variable that receives the interface pointer of the SplitRegions object. This object contains information on how the pages have been split.

Return values

This method has no specific return values. It returns the standard return values of ABBYY FineReader Engine functions.

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