Export Method of the FRDocument Object

This method saves document into a file in an external format. Available file formats are represented by the FileExportFormatEnum enumeration constants.

Note: If you want to export in parallel, keep in mind that the parallel processing is supported only for export to PDF (except TextOnly mode) and PPTX formats.



  BSTR                 ExportFileName,
  FileExportFormatEnum Format,
  IUnknown*            ExportParams


void Export(
  string               ExportFileName,
  FileExportFormatEnum Format,
  object               ExportParams

Visual Basic .NET

Sub Export( _
  ExportFileName As String, _
  Format As FileExportFormatEnum, _
  ExportParams As Object _


[in] This variable contains the full path to the output file. If this file already exists, it is overwritten without prompt.
[in] This variable specifies the format of the output file. See the FileExportFormatEnum description for the supported file formats.
[in] Pass the export parameters object of the type corresponding to your file format through this input parameter. For example, if you are saving the text into an RTF file, create an RTFExportParams object, set the necessary parameters in it, and pass it to this method as the exportParams input parameter. This parameter may be 0, in which case the default values for the export parameters are used.

Return values

During export to PDF or XPS format this method may return FREN_E_INVALID_CREATION_DATE_FORMAT or FREN_E_INVALID_MODIFICATION_DATE_FORMAT errors, which indicate that the creation or modification date format is invalid. It also returns the standard return codes of ABBYY FineReader Engine functions.


  • In most cases, document synthesis must be performed before exporting a document. Omitting the document synthesis may cause errors during export. See the description of the IFRDocument::Synthesize method for details.
  • This method may report events to the listeners attached to the IConnectionPointContainer interface of the FRDocument object.
  • Depending on the value of the IEngine::MultiProcessingParams property, ABBYY FineReader Engine can distribute export of multi-page documents to CPU cores.

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