ConvertFromOldVersion Method of FRDocument Object

This method loads the contents of the FRDocument object from the specified folder, where it should have previously been saved by the SaveToFolder method.

Important! Use this method to load the document saved only by the previously supported versions of ABBYY FineReader Engine. If you want to load the documents saved by ABBYY FineReader Engine 12, use the LoadFromFolder method instead.



HRESULT ConvertFromOldVersion(
  BSTR                 Path,
  FREngineVersionEnum  FreVersion


void ConvertFromOldVersion(
  string               Path,
  FREngineVersionEnum  FreVersion

Visual Basic .NET

Sub ConvertFromOldVersion( _
  Path As String, _
  FreVersion As FREngineVersionEnum _


[in] This variable contains the full path to the folder to load document from.
[in] This variable specifies the previously supported version of ABBYY FineReader Engine. See the FREngineVersionEnum description for the list of supported versions.

Return values

This method has no specific return values. It returns the standard return values of ABBYY FineReader Engine functions.

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