CheckTextLayer Method of the FRDocument Object

This method finds out if the specified pages of the PDF file contain a text or checks the text for reliability. The text is considered reliable if the source PDF file contains a visible text layer and this file successfully passes the check for broken encoding.



HRESULT CheckTextLayer(
  CheckingTextModeEnum    CheckingMode,
  IIntsCollection*        PageIndices, 
  VARIANT_BOOL*           Result


bool CheckTextLayer(
  CheckingTextModeEnum    CheckingMode,
  IIntsCollection*        PageIndices

Visual Basic .NET

Function CheckTextLayer( _
  CheckingMode As CheckingTextModeEnum, _
  PageIndices As IIntsCollection _
) As Boolean


[in] This variable specifies the mode of checking the text layer. See the CheckingTextModeEnum description for the supported modes.
[in] This parameter refers to the IntsCollection object that contains the numbers of pages to be checked. This parameter may be 0, in which case all pages in the document will be checked. If the specified page index is greater than the actual number of pages, the indices collection is either empty or contains duplicate items, an error will be returned.
[out, retval] For checking the presence of the text layer, this parameter returns TRUE when at least one of the specified pages of the file has a text layer and FALSE if none of the specified pages contain the text layer. For checking the reliability of the text, this parameter returns TRUE if the text on all specified pages has passed the check for reliability, and FALSE if at least one of the specified pages has unreliable text.

Return values

This method has no specific return values. It returns the standard return values of ABBYY FineReader Engine functions.

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