ExternalDictionaryDescription Object (IExternalDictionaryDescription Interface)

This object provides access to an external dictionary. The IExternalDictionaryDescription interface is a child object of the IDictionaryDescription interface and inherits all its properties. The external dictionary is represented as the IExternalDictionary interface which is implemented on the client-side. This interface allows you to implement your own type of dictionary. You can attach a dictionary with the help of the SetDictionary method of the ExternalDictionaryDescription object.


Name Type Description
CheckPrefixes VARIANT_BOOL

If this property is FALSE, the external dictionary will not be used for prefixes checking, and the CheckPrefix method of the IExternalDictionary interface will not be called.

The default value is TRUE.

FullFuzzySupport VARIANT_BOOL

If this property is FALSE, the fuzzy string will contain only capital letters as the recognition variant.

The default value is TRUE.


Name Description
SetDictionary Attaches an external dictionary.

Related objects

Object Diagram

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the Item, AddNew methods of the DictionaryDescriptions object.

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