ExternalDictionaryResult Method of the ExternalDictionaryCallback Object

This method delivers information about dictionary words to the recognizer. It is called from the IExternalDictionary::CheckWords method which is implemented on the client-side. The input parameters of this method are: the dictionary word, the word confidence in percentage, and the index of the word in the collection which is passed from the CheckWords method of the IExternalDictionary interface. The dictionary word must be composed from characters of the corresponding fuzzy string.



HRESULT ExternalDictionaryResult(
  BSTR Word,
  int  Confidence,
  int  RequestIndex


void ExternalDictionaryResult(
  string Word,
  int    Confidence,
  int    RequestIndex

Visual Basic .NET

Sub ExternalDictionaryResult( _
  Word As String, _
  Confidence As Integer, _
  RequestIndex As Integer _


[in] This parameter contains the word from an external dictionary.
[in] This parameter contains the word confidence in percentage.
[in] This parameter contains the index of the word in the FuzzyStrings collection.

Return values

This method has no specific return values. It returns the standard return values of ABBYY FineReader Engine functions.

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