Creation Methods of the Engine Object

The Engine object exposes the methods which create other ABBYY FineReader Engine objects.

Note: If you work with programming languages which do not have garbage collection (for example, C++), you must either use smart pointer classes (see the samples in C++(COM)) or release objects that were created by creation methods when they are no longer needed. Prior to the Engine deinitialization, you must release all created objects. Otherwise, the DeinitializeEngine function returns E_FAIL.

Name Description
CreateAltoExportParams Creates the AltoExportParams object.
CreateBarcodeParams Creates the BarcodeParams object.
CreateBatchProcessor Creates the BatchProcessor object.
CreateBusinessCardSynthesisParams Creates the BusinessCardSynthesisParams object.
CreateCharParams Creates the CharParams object.
CreateClassificationEngine Creates the ClassificationEngine object.
CreateComparator Creates the Comparator object.
CreateDocumentInformationDictionary Creates the DocumentInformationDictionary object.
CreateDocumentProcessingParams Creates the DocumentProcessingParams object.
CreateEBookExportParams Creates the EBookExportParams object.
CreateEmptyPageDetectionParams Creates the EmptyPageDetectionParams object.
CreateEmptyUserPattern Creates an empty user pattern file (*.ptn) at the specified location.
CreateExportFileWriter Creates the ExportFileWriter object.
CreateFRDocument Creates the FRDocument object.
CreateFRDocumentFromImage Opens image file and creates the FRDocument object.
CreateHTMLExportParams Creates the HTMLExportParams object.
CreateHyperlink Creates the Hyperlink object.
CreateImageModification Creates the ImageModification object.
CreateImageProcessingParams Creates the ImageProcessingParams object.
CreateIntsCollection Creates the IntsCollection object.
CreateJpegExtendedParams Creates the JpegExtendedParams object.
CreateLanguageDatabase Creates the LanguageDatabase object.
CreateLayoutFromStream Creates the Layout object from the input stream.
CreateMrzJsonExportParams Creates the MrzJsonExportParams object.
CreateMrzProcessingParams Creates the MrzProcessingParams object.
CreateMrzXmlExportParams Creates the MrzXmlExportParams object.
CreateMultipageImageWriter Creates a MultipageImageWriter object that may be used for saving several images into a single multi-page image file.
CreateObjectsExtractionParams Creates the ObjectsExtractionParams object.
CreateOrientationDetectionParams Creates the OrientationDetectionParams object.
CreatePageAnalysisParams Creates the PageAnalysisParams object.
CreatePageMargins Creates the PageMargins object.
CreatePagePreprocessingParams Creates the PagePreprocessingParams object.
CreatePageProcessingParams Creates the PageProcessingParams object.
CreatePageSplittingParams Creates the PageSplittingParams object.
CreateParagraphParams Creates the ParagraphParams object.
CreatePDFExportParams Creates the PDFExportParams object.
CreatePngExtendedParams Creates the PngExtendedParams object.
CreatePoint Creates the Point object.
CreatePPTExportParams Creates the PPTExportParams object.
CreatePrepareImageMode Creates the PrepareImageMode object.
CreateRecognizerParams Creates the RecognizerParams object.
CreateRectangle Creates the FRRectangle object.
CreateRegion Creates the Region object.
CreateRegionsCollection Creates the RegionsCollection object.
CreateRTFExportParams Creates the RTFExportParams object.
CreateScanManager Creates the ScanManager object.
CreateSortingBlocksParams Creates the SortingBlocksParams object.
CreateStringsCollection Creates the StringsCollection object.
CreateSynthesisParamsForDocument Creates the SynthesisParamsForDocument object.
CreateSynthesisParamsForPage Creates the SynthesisParamsForPage object.
CreateTableAnalysisParams Creates the TableAnalysisParams object.
CreateTextExportParams Creates the TextExportParams object.
CreateTextLayerInjectionParams Creates the TextLayerInjectionParams object.
CreateTextOrientation Creates the TextOrientation object.
CreateTiffExtendedParams Creates the TiffExtendedParams object.
CreateTrainingImage Creates the TrainingImage object.
CreateTrainingImagesCollection Creates the TrainingImagesCollection object.
CreateXLExportParams Creates the XLExportParams object.
CreateXMLExportParams Creates the XMLExportParams object.
CreateXPSExportParams Creates the XPSExportParams object.

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