SetLicensingConnectionRecoveryCallback Method of the Engine Object

This method sets the user-implemented interface which is used to manage the connection breakdowns.

You can handle the situation when the connection to the licensing server is broken in the following way:

  1. Implement the ILicensingConnectionRecoveryCallback interface. Specify the actions which need to be taken after connection break in the implementation of the OnDisconnect method of this interface. For example, you can make several attempts to re-establish the network connection, and if successful, call the RestartLicensing method of the Engine object to restart licensing.
  2. Call the SetLicensingConnectionRecoveryCallback method with the reference to this interface as the input parameter to specify that the interface you implemented is to be used to handle connection breakdowns.
  3. During your work with FineReader Engine, the connection to the license server can break for some reason. If you try to call any method which requires the functional license (any processing method, for example), the OnDisconnect method is called.
  4. The OnDisconnect method performs the actions you specified. If the connection is successfully re-established and the work can be continued, this method's return value must be TRUE.
  5. In case of success, the operation of the program is continued.



HRESULT SetLicensingConnectionRecoveryCallback( ILicensingConnectionRecoveryCallback* Callback );


void SetLicensingConnectionRecoveryCallback( ILicensingConnectionRecoveryCallback Callback );

Visual Basic .NET

Sub SetLicensingConnectionRecoveryCallback(Callback As ILicensingConnectionRecoveryCallback)


[in] This parameter refers to the user-implemented interface ILicensingConnectionRecoveryCallback.

Return values

This method has no specific return values. It returns the standard return values of ABBYY FineReader Engine functions.

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