Engine Object (IEngine Interface)

This object is the top object in the hierarchy of ABBYY FineReader Engine objects. It exposes a set of creation, analysis, recognition, and export methods. Its properties reflect the global settings of ABBYY FineReader Engine.

To create this object, you can use the InitializeEngine function. See also other ways to load Engine object.

After obtaining a reference to the Engine object, you can:

  • Set the parameters of ABBYY FineReader Engine, such as the user interface language, the parent window of the client application, application title, etc. Use the properties of the Engine object.
  • Load the most suitable settings for your scenario, which are provided in a set of predefined profiles. To load a profile, use the LoadPredefinedProfile method.
  • Proceed with creating a FRDocument object. This object corresponds to a document and exposes the main recognition functionality of ABBYY FineReader Engine. The object allows you to process multi-page documents easily. To create this object, use the CreateFRDocumentFromImage or CreateFRDocument method.
  • Create some additional ABBYY FineReader Engine objects with the help of creation methods.
  • Use additional services of ABBYY FineReader Engine via supplementary methods.
  • Use the processing methods of the Engine object. These methods are suitable only for working with one-page documents. For multi-page documents, ABBYY FineReader Engine provides a more convenient way of processing. We recommend that you create an FRDocument object and use its methods and properties for processing.


The object is used in all code samples and demo tools.

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