DocumentProcessingParams Object (IDocumentProcessingParams Interface)

This object provides access to all parameters that affect document processing including all parameters of page processing and synthesis parameters for document. This object is passed as a parameter to the document processing methods.

The DocumentProcessingParams object is a persistent object. This means that the object's current state can be written to persistent storage: an area in the global memory or a disk file. Later, the object can be re-created by reading the object's state from persistent storage. The following methods provide persistence of the object: SaveToFile, LoadFromFile, SaveToMemory, and LoadFromMemory.


Name Type Description
PageProcessingParams PageProcessingParams Specifies the processing parameters for each page of the document.
PerformSynthesis VARIANT_BOOL

Specifies if document synthesis is to be performed. If this property is FALSE, the SynthesisParamsForDocument property is ignored.

This property is TRUE by default.

SplittingParams PageSplittingParams Specifies the parameters of page splitting.
SynthesisParamsForDocument SynthesisParamsForDocument Specifies the synthesis parameters for the document.


Name Description
CopyFrom Initializes properties of the current object with values of similar properties of another object.
LoadFromFile Restores the object contents from a file on disk.
LoadFromMemory Restores the object contents from the global memory.
SaveToFile Saves the object contents into a file on disk.
SaveToMemory Saves the object contents into the global memory.

Related objects

Object Diagram

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the CreateDocumentProcessingParams method of the Engine object.

Input parameter

This object is passed as an input parameter to the following methods:

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C# code

The object is used in the following code samples: CustomLanguage, VisualComponents; and demo tools: Camera OCR, Image Preprocessing, MultiProcessingRecognition, PDFExportProfiles.

See also

Tuning Parameters of Preprocessing, Analysis, Recognition, and Synthesis

Working with Properties

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