ClassificationEngine Object (IClassificationEngine Interface)

This is the main object which provides access to Classification API of ABBYY FineReader Engine. It exposes methods which load a classification model from file, create a trainer object to train a new model, create the classification objects that extract and store the relevant information from a document or a page.


Name Description
CreateModelFromFile Loads the classification model from file as a new Model object.
CreateObjectFromDocument Creates a new ClassificationObject on the basis of the first page of a document.
CreateObjectFromPage Creates a new ClassificationObject on the basis of a page.
CreateTrainer Creates a Trainer object, which can then be used to set up the parameters and train a new classification model.
CreateTrainingData Creates a new empty TrainingData object.

Related objects

Object Diagram

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the CreateClassificationEngine method of the Engine object.


This object is used in the Classification demo tool.

See also

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