BwPictureFormatsEnum enumeration constants define the image formats or compression algorithms to be used when saving black-and-white images.

typedef enum {
 BWPF_CCITT4 = 0x00000001,
 BWPF_JBIG2 = 0x00000002,
 BWPF_JBIG2Lossless = 0x00000004,
 BWPF_Auto  = 0x00000008
} BwPictureFormatsEnum;


Name Description
BWPF_Auto The format is defined automatically.
BWPF_CCITT4 CCITT4 compression algorithm.
BWPF_JBIG2 JBIG2 compression algorithm in lossy mode.
BWPF_JBIG2Lossless JBIG2 compression algorithm in lossless mode.

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