The AEM_ prefixed flags are used to denote the possible ABBYY FineReader Engine modules whose availability depends on the license. The ILicense::AvailableEngineModules property returns a bitwise OR combination of zero or more of these flags values, where each set bit indicates that the corresponding ABBYY FineReader Engine module is available in the license.

module AvailableEngineModulesFlags
  const int AEM_ProcessAsPlainText    = 0x00000001;
  const int AEM_Process               = 0x00000002;
  const int AEM_Analyze               = 0x00000004;
  const int AEM_Recognize             = 0x00000008;
  const int AEM_Synthesize            = 0x00000010;
  const int AEM_CyrillicHandprint     = 0x00000080;
  const int AEM_OMR                   = 0x00000100;
  const int AEM_ExtendedCharacterInfo = 0x00000200;
  const int AEM_OpenPDF               = 0x00000400;
  const int AEM_UserPatterns          = 0x00000800;
  const int AEM_BalancedMode          = 0x00001000;
  const int AEM_FastMode              = 0x00002000;
  const int AEM_CameraOCR             = 0x00004000;
  const int AEM_ColorFiltering        = 0x00008000;
  const int AEM_BCR                   = 0x00010000;
  const int AEM_Classification        = 0x00020000;
  const int AEM_MRZCapture            = 0x00040000;
  const int AEM_OpenOfficeFormats     = 0x00080000;
  const int AEM_Comparator            = 0x00100000;


Name Description
AEM_Analyze Analysis module.
AEM_BalancedMode This constant is deprecated and will be deleted in future versions.
AEM_BCR Business Card Recognition module.
AEM_CameraOCR Camera OCR module.
AEM_Classification Document Classification module.
AEM_ColorFiltering Color Filtering module.
AEM_Comparator Compare Documents module.
AEM_CyrillicHandprint Cyrillic ICR module.
AEM_ExtendedCharacterInfo Extended Character Info module.
AEM_FastMode This constant is deprecated and will be deleted in future versions.
AEM_MRZCapture MRZCapture module.
AEM_OMR OMR module.
AEM_OpenOfficeFormats Office Formats Opening module.
AEM_OpenPDF PDF Opening module.
AEM_Process Processing module.
AEM_ProcessAsPlainText Processing as Plain Text module.
AEM_Recognize Recognition module.
AEM_Synthesize Synthesis module.
AEM_UserPatterns User Patterns module.

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ABBYY FineReader Engine 12 Modules

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