If a Picture Is Not Detected


Picture areas mark the pictures contained in your document. You can also use Picture areas if you do not want a text fragment to be recognized. If the program fails to detect a picture automatically, use the Picture tool to draw a picture area around the picture manually.

  1. On the toolbar at the top of the Image window, select the tool and then use the mouse to draw a rectangle around the picture on your image.
  2. Run the OCR process gain.

If there is text printed over a picture in your document, draw a Background Picture area around the picture.

  1. In the Image window, select the tool on the toolbar and draw a frame around the picture.

Note: If you do not see this tool on the toolbar, add it. See Toolbars for detailed instructions.

  1. Start the OCR process.

You can change an existing area to Picture or Background Picture. Right-click the area and then click Change Area Type To > Picture or Change Area Type To > Background Picture.

For more about area types and editing areas, see If Areas Are Detected Incorrectly.

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