Installing the Hardware Key Drivers

If you have a hardware protection key, the hardware key drivers must be installed on your computer before you can run ABBYY FineReader Server. As hardware key drivers, both iKey and Wibu drivers can be used.

Wibu drivers are automatically installed on your computer during ABBYY FineReader Server installation regardless of the bit mode of the operating system. To disable installation of Wibu drivers, use the following command line: /noWibu=true.

You should install the iKey drivers manually. The drivers should be installed in non-PCSC mode. To install the drivers in this mode, run the iKeyDrvr.exe file from the ABBYY FineReader Server 14.0\USB Drivers folder on the FineReader Server CD using the following command line: iKeyDrvr.exe /v" VR=OFF". Reboot your computer after installing.

Note. If the iKey hardware key drivers are installed in non-PCSC mode (the drivers for 32-bit systems are installed in this mode automatically, while for 64-bit system the drivers can be installed in this mode using the command line referred above), the USB keys cannot be used as smart cards. If you need to use the USB keys as smart cards, you should install the hardware key drivers manually in PCSC mode by running corresponding iKeyDrvr.exe file without the VR=OFF parameter of the command line. In this case, ABBYY FineReader Server can work with the hardware keys, only if the Server Manager service is run under Local System account.

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