If the Complex Structure of a Paper Document Is Not Reproduced


Before running the document recognition process, ABBYY FineReader conducts an analysis of the logical structure of the document and detects areas containing text, pictures, tables, and barcodes. The program then relies on this analysis to identify the areas and the order in which they are recognized. This information helps recreate the formatting of the original document.

By default, ABBYY FineReader will analyze documents automatically. However, in the case of very complex formatting some areas may be detected incorrectly and you may wish to correct them manually.

Use the following tools and commands to correct areas:

  • Manual area adjustment tools on the Image window toolbar.
  • Shortcut menu commands available by right-clicking the selected area in the Image window or the Zoom window.
  • Commands on the Area menu.

Restart the OCR process after making the desired adjustments.

See also "If Areas Are Detected Incorrectly."

Recognition settings, area properties and saving settings also have an effect on how well the layout of the original document is retrained. For details, see the following sections: "OCR Options," "Adjusting Area Properties," and "Saving OCR Results."

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