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GetRecognitionVariants Method of the Word Object

This method returns a collection of variants of a word recognition. The method returns zero for non-printable characters (spaces, carriage returns, etc.) and characters that were not recognized but added to the text during explicit editing. Zero is also returned if the text was recognized by one of the previous ABBYY FineReader Engine versions. If the IRecognizerParams::SaveWordRecognitionVariants property is set to FALSE the return collection contains one element; otherwise, the collection contains no less than one element and the variants are ordered from the best to the worst.

Important! The character coordinates are not stored for each word recognition variant. If you need the character coordinates for the first recognition variant, which was chosen as the recognition result, obtain the CharParams object from the Paragraph object.



HRESULT GetRecognitionVariants(
  IWordRecognitionVariants** Result


IWordRecognitionVariants GetRecognitionVariants();

Visual Basic .NET

Function GetRecognitionVariants() As IWordRecognitionVariants


[out, retval] A pointer to IWordRecognitionVariants* pointer variable that receives the interface pointer to the WordRecognitionVariants output object.

Return values

This function has no specific return values. It returns the standard return values of ABBYY FineReader Engine functions.

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