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BarcodeSymbol Object (IBarcodeSymbol Interface)

This object provides access to the properties of one character of a recognized barcode: character itself, rectangle of the character, character confidence and other attributes. The object is an element of the collection of barcode characters represented by the BarcodeText object.


Name Type Description
Application Engine, read-only Returns the Engine object.
Barcode character
Character BSTR, read-only Stores the character.
Character coordinates
Bottom int, read-only These properties are deprecated and will be deleted in future versions.
Left int, read-only
Right int, read-only
Top int, read-only
Character attributes
CharConfidence int, read-only

Stores the value of recognition confidence of the character. This is the confidence of the main (selected) recognition variant. It represents an estimate of the probability that this variant is correct in comparison to other recognition variants. However, this number is not guaranteed to be positive. It has only a relative meaning.

To calculate character confidence more accurately, set the IRecognizerParams::ExactConfidenceCalculation property to TRUE.

IsBinaryData VARIANT_BOOL, read-only

Specifies whether the character represents binary data.

Note: The binary data can be saved as a Unicode string in two different ways depending on the value of the IBarcodeParams::ContainsBinaryData property. See Recognizing Barcodes for details.

IsBinaryZero VARIANT_BOOL, read-only

Specifies whether the character is the binary zero.

This property is only used, if the IBarcodeParams::ContainsBinaryData property was FALSE during recognition. In this case, the recognized binary data is translated to the Unicode string using the code page specified in the IBarcodeParams::CodePage property. But the binary zero cannot be translated correctly in this way, therefore the Character property for such symbol contains the "unrecognized character" symbol ("^").

IsStartStopSymbol VARIANT_BOOL, read-only Specifies whether the character is the barcode start/stop symbol. The property makes sense for barcodes of the Code 39 type (the start/stop symbol is the asterisk "*") and Codabar type (the start/stop symbols are Latin letters "A", "B", "C", "D").

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Object Diagram

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the Item method the BarcodeText object.

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