Scanning and Opening Options


To customize the process of scanning and opening pages in ABBYY FineReader, you can:

You can access these settings from dialog boxes for opening and scanning documents (if you are using the scanning interface of ABBYY FineReader 12) and on the Scan/Open tab of the Options dialog box (Tools > Options…).

Important! Any changes you make in the Options dialog box will only be applied to newly scanned/opened images.

The Scan/Open tab of the Options dialog box contains the following options:

Automatic analysis and recognition settings

By default, FineReader documents are analyzed and recognized automatically, but you can change this behavior. The following modes are available:

  • Read page images (includes image preprocessing)

Any images added to a FineReader document are preprocessed automatically using settings from the Image Processing options group. Analysis and recognition are also performed automatically.

  • Analyze page images (includes image preprocessing)

Image preprocessing and document analysis are performed automatically, but recognition has to be started manually.

  • Preprocess page images

Only preprocessing is carried out automatically. Analysis and recognition have to be started by hand. This mode is commonly used for documents with complex structures.

If you do not want the images you add to a FineReader document to be automatically processed, clear the Automatically process pages as they are added option. This lets you quickly open large documents, recognize only select pages in a document and save documents as images.

Image preprocessing options

ABBYY FineReader 12 lets you automatically remove common scan and digital photo defects.

General fixes

  • Split facing pages

The program will automatically split images that contain facing pages into two images containing a page each.

  • Detect page orientation

The orientation of pages that are added to a FineReader document will be automatically detected and corrected if necessary.

  • Deskew images

Skewed pages will be automatically detected and deskewed if necessary.

  • Correct trapezoid distortions

The program will automatically detect trapezoidal distortions and uneven text lines on digital photographs and scans of books. These defects will be corrected when appropriate.

  • Straighten text lines

The program will automatically detect uneven text lines on images and straighten them without correcting trapezoidal distortions.

  • Invert images

When appropriate, ABBYY FineReader 12 will invert an image's colors so that the image contains dark text on a light background.

  • Remove color marks

The program will detect and remove any color stamps and marks made in pen to facilitate the recognition of the text obscured by such marks. This tool is designed for scanned documents with dark text on a white background. Do not select this option for digital photos and documents with color backgrounds.

  • Correct image resolution

ABBYY FineReader 12 will automatically determine the best resolution for images, and will change the resolution of images when necessary.

Photo correction

  • Detect page edges

Sometimes digital photographs have borders that do not contain any useful data. The program will detect such borders and delete them.

  • Whiten background

ABBYY FineReader will whiten backgrounds and select the best brightness for images.

  • Reduce ISO noise

Noise will be automatically removed from photographs.

  • Remove motion blur

The sharpness of blurry digital photos will be increased.

Note: You can disable all of these options when scanning or opening document pages and still apply any desired preprocessing in the Image Editor. For details, see "Preprocessing Images."

Scanning interfaces

By default, ABBYY FineReader uses its own scanning interface. The scanning dialog box contains the following options:

Tip: You can choose which preprocessing features to enable, which defects to remove, and whether the document should be automatically analyzed and recognized. To do so, enable the Automatically process pages as they are added option and click the Options… button.

  • Multi-page Scanning:
    1. Use automatic document feeder (ADF)
    2. Duplex scanning
    3. Set the page scanning delay in seconds

If the scanning interface of ABBYY FineReader 12 is incompatible with your scanner, you can use your scanner's native interface. The scanner's documentation should contain descriptions of this dialog box and its elements.

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