Verifying and correcting recognized data

Verification is the process during which recognition accuracy, assembly of pages into documents (for multi-page documents), matching of field values to the specified format (date, time, etc.) and compliance with certain rules (dependencies between the values of different fields) are checked. Verification is performed in the Web Verification station after the batch is recognized in ABBYY FlexiCapture server.

The assembly rule defines the pages order and the number of their recurrence. A check based on the values of key fields can also be enabled: in this case the values of key fields must be identical on all pages of the document. Assembling pages into documents is done automatically during recognition. If during the automatic assembly, some errors occurred, they must be corrected at verification.

After the batch is recognized on the server, it is placed in the queue of batches waiting for verification. To start verification, you should get the task from queue on the main page of the station.

Tip. You can customize the workspace by repositioning the pane separators. The system will remember your current workspace layout and show it next time when you log in. You can hide any of the three panes by clicking the cross icon in the top right corner of the pane you want to hide. At least one of the panes will remain open. To display a previously hidden pane, click its icon in the right-hand pane.

In the batch view, the page thumbnails of all of the documents in the batch are displayed. In this pane, you can check document assembly errors.

When verifying data, you must first correct all the document assembly errors in the batch view and only then open the data form for each document. Once you are done processing the task, click the button on the task toolbar.

If, for some reason, a task cannot be processed or if you are unsure how to proceed with a task, send the task to Exceptions by clicking the button on the task toolbar.

Tip. To speed up the process, a Verification Operator may use hot keys. You can view a list of verification hot keys ( Hot Keys) in the drop-down Help menu located in the upper right corner.

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