Task queues

After you log in to the station and select a project, you see a page where you can get tasks from the queues. The list of available queues depends on your role. In Queues view, you can select a task in any of the processing queues available to you.

For each queue, the following information is displayed on separate tabs: the name of the queue, the number of tasks in the queue, availability of personal tasks (i.e. tasks assigned to a specific user), and the priorities of the tasks. A user having the role of Senior Verification Operator can view the detailed information about the tasks by clicking the Explore queue link.

To start processing a task from a particular queue, click the Get task button on the tab of the desired queue. You will be given the task with the highest priority. If all the tasks have equal priorities but there is a personal task in the queue, you will be given this personal task. If there are no personal tasks in the queues, tasks will be given to you in order of their creation.

Note: Tasks that are overdue or about to become overdue will be given to you ahead of the other tasks in their respective queue. The only exception to this rule are tasks with the extra-high priority, which are processed ahead of the overdue batches.

To start processing a task from any queue, click the green button named Get any task, which can be found at the bottom of the web station page. You will be given the task with the highest priority.

If there tasks which you started processing but then postponed, you will see a Postponed Tasks link at the top of the page, with the number of postponed tasks next to it. Clicking this link will open a list of postponed tasks.

Note: It is recommended to process postponed tasks first, as they are not available to other Operators. If the Operator who postponed a task does not process it for a long time, this will slow down processing of the whole batch.

Additional actions available to the Senior Verification Operator role

To see if there are any new tasks, click the button at the top of the page.

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