Postponed tasks

Postponed tasks are the tasks whose processing was started by an Operator but was not completed. An Operator can stop processing a task by clicking the Click the button on the task toolbar to postpone the current task.

To see the postponed tasks, click the Postponed Tasks button at the top of the web station page. Tasks can be selected from the list based on the following task properties: task ID, date and time created, batch name, comment, when the task was postponed, place in the queue, and task priority. To start processing a task, click its ID.

Note: It is recommended to process postponed tasks first as they are not available to other Operators. Thus, if the Operator who postponed the task does not process it for a long time, it will slow down processing of the whole batch.

In order to return a postponed task to the queue and make it available for other Operators, take the task into processing and click the button on the task toolbar.

1/14/2021 2:17:19 PM

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