Comparing invoice items against order items

When working with invoices, an Operator can check the matching of invoice items to order details.

For each purchase order number found on an invoice, a Purchase Orders group element is displayed. It contains the following:

  • Order Number field – displays the order number found on the order image.
  • Total field – displays the order total found on the order image.
  • Order Checked checkbox – confirms that the data in the Order Number and Total invoice fields are correct for an order. Can only be checked manually.
  • Details... button – displays a table containing the order items when clicked.

Note: An Operator can set up how the columns are displayed in a table by clicking in the left corner of the table or use the search function to find text in the item fields.

If a quick visual inspection is enough to confirm that the items have been matched correctly, mark the Order Checked checkbox. This will confirm that all invoice items do indeed correspond to the appropriate order. After a rule recheck for all items (in Line Items) that correspond to a single order number, the Is valid checkbox will be marked automatically.

For a more thorough inspection of the order details, an Operator can match order items to invoice items in Line Items manually. Item matching simplifies the visual comparison process, because an Operator can see excess and erroneous non-matched items in Line Items, as well as missing items (if not all the rows in the order item table have been matched). Also, item matching can be set up to be a requirement when exporting invoice data.

When carrying out a detailed inspection, call up the order item table by clicking Details..., then compare the order item to the invoice item and match the corresponding items in one of two ways:

  • Select a row in the Line Items table and click the “+” symbol in the appropriate row of the order item table.
  • Select a row from the order item table and open the shortcut menu for the appropriate Line Items row. Choose the Bind Row command.

Note: To undo a Bind Row command, choose Unbind Row from the Line Items shortcut menu.

After you have matched a row, its Is valid checkbox will be marked, and the OrderItemId field will contain the order item index of the matched row. For items that were not matched, the Operator must fill in their OrderItemId field manually.

Note: If any of the order numbers were not found on the image and as a result were not transferred to the data form, click the Add 'Purchase Order' item link. This will add an empty element to the Purchase Orders group. Fill in the values for the Order Number and Total fields by either indicating the location of these values on the image or by inputting them manually using your keyboard.

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