Working with documents

Important! Working with the documents view is available only for the Senior Verification Operator role type.

If you need to perform some operations with a particular document of the batch, then on the page with the batches list click on the link with the name of the desired batch. You may need this to find out in which task and in which processing stage the document is and if necessary perform the following actions with the document:

  • start document processing;
  • send the document to a different stage or to Exceptions;
  • change the priority of document processing.

To start processing the task, click on the link with the task identifier. In the thumbnails page that opens, you can correct document assembly errors, and then correct recognition and documents filling errors in the document editor.

Note: If clicking on the link does not open the task, it means that the task is unavailable: it can be in processing or delayed by another Operator.

To send documents to exceptions or to another processing stage, select the documents from the list and click Send to Exceptions or Send to Stage respectively.

For each document, its properties are displayed: priority, ordinal number in the batch, processing stage, the number of pages, the total number of characters, the number of uncertainly recognized characters and symbols for verification, whether the document has errors, document identifier.

Note: In the documents view, changing document priority and deleting documents is available only for documents out of workflow.

The Priority link allows you to quickly change the priority for a few selected documents at once. To change the priority, select the desired documents, click on the link and in the dialog box that opens specify a new priority. Document priority affects the priority of tasks created from the document which in its turn affects the order of processing tasks in the queue. Priority changes made in the document properties or when using the Priority link affect only newly created tasks. The priority can be changed in order to expedite processing tasks in subsequent stages. However in the current queue the priority of tasks will not change as the tasks in the queue are already formed.

Note: To increase the document priority in the current stage, use the link Send to Stage. In the dialog box that opens, specify the current processing stage and a new priority of the task. If you set the extra-high priority and one of the Processing Stations is set up to process entire batches, the priority of the entire batch will be set to extra-high priority.

To check if there are new documents in the batch, click on the link Refresh document list.

To return to the batches view, click on the Batches button.

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