Send to Stage page

This page opens when sending a batch, document or task to a processing stage.

Depending on your role, you may be able to send documents to different stages. From the batches view and documents view, you can send selected batches or documents respectively. When processing a task, you can also send it to Exceptions or to another stage.

Sending to Exceptions

Sending to Rescanning

The Send to Stage page offers the following fields:

  • Select stage The stage to which the task is to be sent.
  • For user The user to whom the task is assigned. If for some reasons, the task must be available only to a particular Operator, select this Operator from the list. In general, selecting a particular Operator is not needed;
  • Priority. Priority affects the order of processing tasks.
    Note: The new priority value will only take effect at the stage where you are sending the task. Any change in priority will not affect the current stage, because all the tasks for this stage have already been formed and prioritized.
  • Enter comment. You can type in a new comment or keep the last one. If you are sending a batch, the comment will be added to the batch. If you are sending a document the comment will be added to the task that contains the document.

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