Before you begin

Important. Role required: Recording Service user.
If your account is not added to the Admin AD Security group specified during the Recording Service installation, you will not have access to the Recording Service website.


Transformations allow you to edit and anonymize information in the recorded data in order to protect sensitive information.

For example, during the logging process, potentially sensitive information may appear in URLs or event names. This data can be viewed in the Task Definition Editor after uploading the logs to ABBYY Timeline. To hide this text from users, you can use transformations.

Use transformations to do the following:

  1. Remove sensitive data that has been captured by Recorder as event names.
    For example, if it is recorded in the log that a user has opened a document called PO-BankOfAmerica.pdf or BillGatesSalary.xls, it is best to replace these with redacted strings like opening PO-XXX.pdf and opening XXXsalary.xls respectively. To do so, you will need to configure transformations as regular expressions and apply them to selected logs.
  2. Cast the names of several similar events to a common name.
    If you notice similar unique strings like opening PO-BankOfAmerica and opening PO-CitiBank, you can use transformations to convert these events to a common type, e.g. opening new PO. This new event can then be marked as either a start event or an end event in Task Definition Editor.

Important. Be careful when using transformations.

  • Transformations can greatly affect the results of an automatic task definition in ABBYY Timeline.
  • Transformations cannot be undone.

For more information about creating and applying transformations, see Before applying transformations in production environment.

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