Keyboard shortcuts

This article contains a list of hot keys, which an Operator may use in the web station

Queue view
Get task Ctrl+G
Basic task operations
Cancel task Ctrl+J
Postpone task... Ctrl+Alt+L
Send to Stage... Ctrl+Alt+Q
Send to Exceptions... Ctrl+Shift+X
Send to Rescanning... Ctrl+Alt+P
Send to Re-recognition... Ctrl+R
Complete task Ctrl+L
Automatic Task receive mode Alt+G
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Delete Del
Next document with errors F9
Previous document with errors Shift+F9
Go to next document Ctrl+D
Go to previous document Ctrl+Shift+D
Go to beginning / end of page Page Up/Page Down
Go to beginning / end of document Home/End
Confirm field Enter
Batch editor
Apply Changes Ctrl+Q
Expand All Ctrl+M+O
Collapse All Ctrl+M+P
Create Document Ctrl+Alt+N
Merge Documents Ctrl+Alt+M
Clear analyzing results Alt+Del
Rotate image 90° clockwise Ctrl+>
Rotate image 90° counterclockwise Ctrl+<
Confirm Document Definition Ctrl+Enter
Confirm Page Section   Ctrl+Enter
Next uncertain classified document F7
Previous uncertain classified document Shift+F7
Image editor
Fit to page Ctrl+1
Fit to width Ctrl+2
Fit to height Ctrl+3
Zoom in page image Ctrl+scroll/Ctrl+Num+
Zoom out page image Ctrl+scroll/Ctrl+Num-
Table editing
Draw vertical separator Ctrl+\
Draw horizontal separator Shift+\
Delete separator Alt+\
Move highlighted region F2+←/→/↓/↑
Delete highlighted region F2+Del
Data form
Check rules Ctrl+Shift+S
Open drop-down list
Open list of suggested values Ctrl+↑
Go to beginning / end of document Home/End
Next verification object F4
Previous verification object Shift+F4
Next low-confidence character F8
Previous low-confidence character Shift+F8
Next error F6
Previous error Shift+F6
Switch filter by error type Alt+1,2...N

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