Operating a configured project

Before the Operator can start processing documents, the project has to be configured by the Administrator. Document processing can be configured in such a way as to require minimum involvement from the Operator in the operations of image scanning and import, data recognition and export. In this case the main stage of the Operator's work is checking and correcting recognized data verification.

The Operator's work is not affected by the type of document.

Document processing consists of four stages, and each stage has a corresponding button on the toolbar.

1. Adding images

The arrow on the right lets you select one of the image import options: Load Images, Scan Images... or import images by selecting one of the configured import profiles. The button name changes depending on the selected action.

2. Recognition

Runs the document recognition process. The arrow on the right also lets you analyze documents or apply one of the Document Definitions.

3. Verification

Runs the verification process. With the help of the arrow you can also run the rule validation process.

4. Export

Starts data export according to the settings configured in the Document Definition. Click the arrow to specify whether data should be exported to a file or a database or whether document images should be exported.

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