Additional options

You can set up document processing and the program interface to suit your needs. In the main window of the program, select Tools → Options.... The dialog that opens contains tabs Colors, Dialogs, Keyboard Shortcuts..

  • Colors
    You can change the color if interface elements (e.g. the frames that enclose selected fields in the Document Definition editor or the frames and fill-in color of fields with errors and warnings). Select the desired element and then click the Color button.
  • Dialogs
    By default, when you launch the program the Open Project dialog box is displayed, where you can select one of the existing projects. You can disable this dialog box by clearing the Show 'Open Project...' dialog on startup option on the Dialogs tab (alternatively, you can disable this dialog by clearing the same option in the dialog itself).
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    You can customize keyboard shortcuts on this tab.

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