To activate recognition, click the Recognize button. The program applies a Document Definition after selecting it using anchors and identifiers and performs data recognition in document regions matching field regions in the selected Document Definition.

Image recognition can be performed automatically, as soon as images are added to the batch. To this end, you have to enable the option Recognize added images automatically (in the Tools menu of the main window, Options... item under the Document Processing tab).

The ratio of reliably recognized characters to the total number of characters is shown in the Certainly Recognized Characters column.

After recognition, the Operator can run document verification.

If required, before recognition the Operator can perform Preliminary analysis of images and Document Definition matching.

Note: The following message can occur during recognition: "Cannot create \\BatchHeader.tmp". The specified file already exists." The error occurs because of Windows Search indexing service which affects working of the program. Windows Search indexing service processes files which are created in the project folder and deleted during operating of the program which causes the error. For this reason we recommend that you should disable Windows Search indexing service.

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